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Article: AVB022-005


A two-component polyurethane resin designed to restore cable jackets when splicing or repairing flexible cables, including mine cables. The unique properties of the resin allow it to be used in harsh operating conditions, where mine and flexible cables are used. This resin can be used as the main insulation when splicing cables with insulation voltages up to 1000V. The resin can be used for a long time without loss of properties at temperatures up to +90°C and with short-term heating up to +130°C.

Technical features

  • Flexible after hardening;
  • Suitable for use with most modern cable sheaths;
  • Supplied in closed bags for convenient closed mixing and pouring of the composition;
  • Bonds with previous layers of the poured composition;
  • Resistant to shock loads;
  • The resin bag has a inbuilt nozzle, compatible with the injection fitting IVV-20;
  • Resistant to seawater;
  • Flame retardant (flammability according to UL94 – VO standard at 6mm thickness).


  • Jacketing of single-core and multi-core power flexible cables;
  • Insulation of conductors in multi-core splice at voltages up to 1000 volts;
  • Sealing of cable breakout in the termination of multi-core flexible cables;
  • Sealing of cable splice and connectors.


  • Voltage: up to 1 kV
  • Weight: 750 g
  • Shore hardness (A scale): 82
  • Material: polyurethane
  • Color: black
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to + 90°C

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