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AVB MINING TAPE type Polyfill 38

Article: AVB022-009


It belongs to the class of electrical mastics and is made in the form of a tape. The mastic is used as an insulating material for current-carrying conductors at temperatures up to 80°C. For mechanical strength, vinyl insulating tape AVB MINING TAPE type 33+ or AVB MINING TAPE type 22 should be placed over Polyfill 38.

Technical features

  • The mastic is made of non-corrosive synthetic rubber, has excellent electrical characteristics and high resistance to ageing.
  • The tape retains its plasticity even at temperatures below 0°C.
  • Neither the tape itself nor its components cause corrosion of copper.
  • The tape is compatible with most types of synthetic cable insulation, as well as with other tapes in the AVB MINING TAPE series.


  • Insulation of connections up to 600 V;
  • Splicing cables and filling large irregularities and voids in low-voltage connections in order to create a flat surface for subsequent winding with insulating tape;
  • Smoothing of irregularly shaped high-voltage connectors;
  • Smoothing of bus bar irregularities;
  • Creation of a stub in breakout of splice when injecting compounds under pressure;
  • Sealing of the ground wire coming out of the high-voltage splices;
  • Sealing of splices of multi-core cables.


  • Voltage: up to 1 kV
  • Dimensions: 38mm x 3.2 m x 1.5mm
  • Material: Synthetic rubber
  • Color: black
  • Operating temperature range: up to 80°C

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