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AVB MINING KIT type КМ-ХУ(К) 95-150/6

Article: AVB022-014


The AVB MINING KIT series type КМ-ХУ(К) 95-150/6 is a kit of electrical insulating products which includes:

  • silicone Cold Shrink tubes;
  • silicone Cold Shrink cable breakout boot;
  • silicone rubber insulating self-fusing tape;
  • constant force spring;
  • electrical stress control tape;
  • PVC tape;
  • sealant mastic;
  • cleaning kit and protective gloves.

    Technical features

    • possibility to carry out repairs directly at the site of cable operation;
    • fast and easy installation;
    • installation technology without the use of heating;
    • application temperature range: -50 up to 130°C;
    • superior track- and erosion resistance;
    • hydrophobic silicone material;
    • immediate commissioning.


    The kit is designed for termination flexible cable with individually shielded cores with ethylene-propylene rubber insulation has rate voltage of 3.6/6 (7.2) kV (КГЭ, КГЭ-ХЛ, КГЭТ, КГЭН, КГпЭ, КГпЭ-ХЛ, КГпЭТ, КГпЭНШ, КГЭТН, ЭВТ, КГТЭШ or analogic). The kit is designed for operation in mine power utility and other facilities where non-stationary cable laying is used. The installation of the splice kit does not require the use of a gas burner or a heat blower.


    • Voltage: 6 kV
    • Quantity and core section (mm²): 3 х 95-150 mm2
    • Cable Type: КГЭ and analogs.

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