Kuznetskiy prospect, 129/1

Russia, Kemerovo, 650051

8 (3842) 24-04-30 info@avbmining.com

Electrical solutions

Production and supply of electrical products and cable fittings for the mining industry

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About the company

AVB MINING is a leading manufacturer and supplier of electrical insulating materials and cable accessories for the mining industry. We aim to contribute to the advancement and restoration of the scientific base of Russia by implementing our technological and innovative solutions in the industrial sector and the future of each of us.

Own production

We sell products at producer price

Wide range

The range of products is constantly growing

Technical support

Consultation and selection of the best solution for your task

Quality and innovation

We create innovative and high-quality products that comply with all industry standards and regulations


8 (3842) 24-04-30 info@avbmining.com

Kuznetskiy prospect, 129/1

Russia, Kemerovo, 650051

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