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Article: AVB021-002


The AVB MINING KIT series type КМ-012 is a kit of electrical insulating products which includes:

  • splicing rubber tapes and sealing mastics;
  • PVC tapes;
  • cleaning kit and protective gloves.

Technical features

  • suitable for rapid cable repair;
  • use of the materials of kit does not require special tools;
  • cable repair is made without heating or open flame;
  • the materials in this kit are enough for several repairs;
  • the repaired cable area does not interfere with the flexibility of the cable, has a sufficiently high mechanical strength and wear resistance.


It can be used for repairing cable jackets made of plastic compounds, polyurethane elastomers and rubber. The kit is designed for use in the power utility of quarries, mines and other facilities. Installation of the materials of kit does not require the use of a gas burner or a heat blower.


  • Voltage: up to 6 kV
  • Cable Type: КГЭ and analogs

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