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Article: AVB019-001


This self-fusing semi-conductive tape is based on ethylene propylene rubber and designed for any voltage. The tape has stable conductivity at temperatures up to + 130°C. High and low temperatures do not affect the conductivity of the tape.

Technical features

    • Compatible with all solid dielectrics and conductors used in cable production;
    • Easily extends and takes the shape of uneven surfaces;
    • Can be used both indoors and outdoors;
    • Resistant to solvents, UV and moisture (except for low viscosity oils which may affect the conductive characteristics of the tape).

    To obtain a vulcanizing effect, when winding, the tape should be stretched so that its width becomes 1/2 of the original width.


  • To electrically round out high-voltage connectors and to bond to insulating materials to minimize electrical stresses;
  • Continue semi-conducting strand shielding found in solid electric (polyethylene, XLP, EPR, etc.) cables at 6kV and above;
  • Provide shielding for cable joints on solid electric insulated power cables (shielded or concentric neutral);
  • Replace semi-conducting layer beneath metallic shield of similar cables in case of
  • damage (screening);
  • Make conductive portion of stress cone of power cable termination on solid electric insulated power cables;
  • Maintain positive connection between concentric neutral semi-conducting jackets of power cables and semi-conducting surfaces of plug-in units;
  • Establish a more positive contact between concentric neutral wires and pre-molded devices already installed with too much of jacket exposed;
  • Round out bolted connections on insulated bus bars .


  • Voltage: 6 kV
  • Dimensions: 19mm x 4.6m x 0.76mm
  • Material: Ethylene propylene rubber
  • Color: Black
  • Operating temperature range: до + 90°C

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