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AVB MINING KIT type КМ-ЗГ(С) 16-35/114-02

Article: AVB020-010/2


The AVB MINING KIT series type КМ-ЗГ(С) 16-35/114-02 is a kit of electrical insulating products which includes:

  • electrical two-component polyurethane resin of the AVB MINING COMPOUND series type 65;
  • injection fitting;
  • rubber splicing and semi-conducting tapes for restoring insulation and shielding of cores;
  • PVC tapes and spacer web for creating a volumetric form and external jacket;
  • wire cleaning kit;
  • protective gloves.

    Technical features

    • Universal design of the body of the splice kit makes it possible to use the kit on cables of different diameters;
    • Suitable for quick cable repairs;
    • The installation does not require special tools;
    • The kit allows for a flameless and heatless installation of the splice;
    • This splice kit get you completely restore the cable structure;
    • The splice is absolutely sealed and keep flexibility of the cable;
    • It has exceptionally high mechanical strength and abrasion resistance.


    The kit is designed for splice flexible cable with individually shielded cores with ethylene-propylene rubber insulation has rate voltage of 1,14 kV and 3,3 kV (КГЭШ, КГЭТШ, КГЭЖШ, КГЭШм, КГЭШТм, КГЭПШТ, КГпЭНШ, КГЭТН, КОГРЭШ, КГЭС or analogic). The kit is designed for operation in mine power utility and other facilities for splice and repairing cables for powering mobile technological equipment. The installation of the splice kit does not require the use of a gas burner or a heat blower.


    • Voltage: 1,14 kV and 3,3 kV
    • Quantity and core section (mm²): 3 x 16-35 mm2
    • Cable Type: КГЭШ and analogs.

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